“I LOVE NEW YORK.” Long before a young lady named Tiffany had a show barring the same words, or went on “The Flavor of Love” and painted herself as a hard re-incarnation of Amarosa [from another reality show], the term ‘I love New York’ was a well known song sang by Frank Sinatra.


For years the song was played, sang by others, and parts of the lyrics coined in expressions by New Yorkers and the like. Actually, the song’s title was the term used by the state government in a travelers campaign for visitors to the empire state for many years and still is.


Known as the world’s financial capital, its well known landmarks, mega shopping venues, along with its Broadway & star-making productions, New York for those and many other reasons is an amazing place.


New York is, and will always be one of a kind. So, let me as you the question: “Do you have love for NEW YORK?”