A Taste of Paris in Upper East Side of Manhattan – Le Moulin À Café

Manhattan features several spectacular neighborhoods, but perhaps none better epitomizes the stylish and chic lifestyle of New York city like the Upper East Side. The Upper East Side is popular for its tree-lined streets, classic brownstone structures, world-class restaurants, and museums, not forgetting it’s affluent residents. TV shows such as Sex and the City and movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, have enabled the Upper East Side to establish a reputation as a luxurious living, international iconic symbol. The mostly residential area is one of the most in-demand places to live in New York City. The Upper East Side of Manhattan is lodged between 59th Street to the south and 90th Street to the North, the East River in the east, and Central Park in the west. The great popularity of the Upper East Side is mostly due to the area’s ideal location on Manhattan Island. It lies in close proximity to many of New York’s most spectacular landmarks, such as the skyscrapers in midtown Manhattan and New York’s most famous parks. The beautiful apartment buildings and houses found on the Upper East Side have hosted people such as Michael Bloomberg, Madonna, and Woody Allen. The Upper East Side is also home to many celebrated high-end stores and restaurants that serve New York City residents. It is a great place to stay when you visit New York City since it is also served by the metro, including lines 6,5 and 4, which pass through Lexington Avenue. This makes it pretty convenient if you are commuting to work or school or exploring other interesting places in New York City, such as Le Moulin À Café.

Le Moulin À Café is one of the restaurants in New York city that integrates style and minimalism to create an irresistible combination. In a city as heavily-inhabited as New York, it can be quite a hassle to locate a restaurant where you can find a readily available table. Le Moulin À Café ensures that you have a seat whenever you want to enjoy an exquisite meal in New York City. Le Moulin À Café is the go-to place in Yorkville for a taste of Paris during breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. The Le Moulin À Café has a very charming French atmosphere, and the fireplace on the upside adds a very cozy touch to the Upper East Side establishment. The services are excellent, and the staff is very hospitable. They certainly excel in the water glass exam.

The menu features a savory and fresh selection of dishes that are ideal for a fine meal or a quick bite. The selection features fine pastries, snacks, bistro meals, and simple classics, alongside a well-curated selection of beverages and French wines. Le Moulin À Café’s Pause Cafe comprises a salty and sweet selection of items such as delicate pastries, freshly baked viennoiserie, savory quiches, sandwiches, salads, soups, and much more. Le Moulin À Café’s shelves of Épicerie feature some of the most delicious and classic French delicatessens such as famous gourmet items and delicious treats. In addition to its restaurant services, Le Moulin À Café also offers catering for private events. The cozy spaces of Le Moulin À Café can be tailored to any event. From dinner events and cocktails, concerts and exhibitions, wine and food tastings, Le Moulin À Café can adapt to a broad range of concepts, ideas, and setups.…